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Cornelia Böhnisch has been Toihaus’ artistic co-director since the Autumn of 2018. In her choreographic work, she searches for the ‘precision within the blur’ ; unknown images which shine shadowily out of the dark. Space, music, movement and material come together and condense to form newly discovered landscapes. Regardless of whether it is for children or adults, her work must always contain some sort of impossible idea: techno composed of water drops, to make a gigantic mountain of clothes dance, to make the moon drip particles. And this is where the driving force of their artistic exploration manifests itself: the childlike desire for justice, for hoped-for healing and salvation. Born and raised in Hölderlin’s city, Tübingen, Cornelia Böhnisch learned to play violin and piano as a child, studied contemporary dance at the Bruckner Conservatory in Linz, and was a 2010/11 scholarship recipient from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Art and Culture to work and research in Berlin and Tokyo. Following her scholarship, Böhnisch returned several times to Japan, whose culture has made a lasting impact on her reflections and inquiries.

International Prize  for Arts and Culture 2022 by the City of Salzburg.

Cornelia Böhnisch by Martin Holtkamp


Ela Grieshaber, Christian Gappmaier, Micha Elias Pichelkastner, Stefan Aglassinger, Pia Streicher, Martin Holtkamp, Studio Fjeld, Katrin Froschauer, Valentin Backhaus und Nicola Lieser

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