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Cornelia Böhnisch combines choreography, installation, and performance in her artistic practice. With roots in classical music, she seamlessly merges movement and sound, thus dissolving traditional hierarchies. She explores materials for their musical and choreographic potential, creating immersive environments and moving sculptures that evoke a deep sense of vitality and vulnerability.

Her works are characterized by their radical simplicity and elemental nature, offering the possibility of profound somatic experiences. Projects like "LEAK," "Tilting Moments," or "TON" captivate the audience and challenge the restless pace of modern life through deliberate slowness and repetition, offering slow surprises as opposed to fast ones. Her audience is often diverse and without age restrictions.

Growing up in the city of Hölderlin, Tübingen, her observations of nature are influenced by him, as well as growing up in a family of shoemakers, reflecting a deep respect for craftsmanship in her work. Since studying Contemporary Dance at the Bruckner University in Linz, she has called Austria her home base.

As the co-artistic director of Toihaus, Cornelia Böhnisch collaborates closely with Katharina Schrott. Their joint efforts were recognized in 2022 with the main prize of the Cultural Fund of the City of Salzburg, honoring their outstanding artistic collaboration and significant contribution to art and culture.

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