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A performance in a circle


In the center of the stage stands a large structure made of several compartments; each compartment contains one chair for an audience member. The performers circle around the compartmentalised audience for a half an hour. Each viewer, sitting in their own private booth, experiences only one segment of the entire circle. While creating this piece we were confronted with core principles and we observed: We can only move forward by moving forwards.

Choreography: Cornelia Böhnisch, Katharina Schrott
Performers: Anna Bárbara Bonatto, Elena Francalanci, Olivia Mitterhuemer, Verena Pircher, Rosana A.Ribeiro
Dramaturgy: Felicitas Biller
Music: Jan Leitner
Set / Costumes: Cornelia Böhnisch
Light / Tech: Florian Kirchmayr, Robert Schmidjell

Created in close collaboration with the visual artist Gerold Tusch.

Photo Credits: Studio Field and Nicola Lieser

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