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Baroque music and dance for all age 1+


When does water start to fly? And how can it be captured? With these questions we dive into the rich sound of baroque music: feeling and filling up, receiving and letting go. It resonates. Slowly, tears gather and fall to the ground where they start to flow. The spinning droplets turn into a rhythmic dance, the joyful play becomes a lively celebration! Now, the water rises into the air, forms into clouds and expands. Soft as fog, the world becomes one and flows all around us. We look and listen – and emerge.

“Nebelweich” is a cooperation of the Imago Dei Festival Krems with the Toihaus Theater Salzburg.

Concept und Choreografy: Cornelia Böhnisch, Katharina Schrott
Dance: Jadwiga Mordarska
Music: Gudrun Plaichinger/Anna Kinschel (Barockgeige), Yoko Yagihara (Spinett und Schlagwerk) mit Werken und Werkarrangements von J. H. Schmelzer und G.P. Telemann
Dramaturgy: Felicitas Biller
Choreographic Assistance: Anna Bárbara Bonatto
Set Stage and Costume: Cornelia Böhnisch, Gerold Tusch
Lights and Tech: Florian Kirchmayr, Robert Schmidjell

Photo Credits: Siegrid Cain

Video Credits: Ilja Bayerl

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